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The Amazing Concert Experience Inc. (ACE) is a partnership headed by experienced industry leaders with an international track record for success. ACE’s partners have discovered and developed some of the most important talent in modern music and have produced highly successful albums, concerts, television shows, and films.


ALEX EWEN: The company is headed by Alex Ewen, a noted concert and live performance producer who has produced hundreds of club shows, concerts, and festivals around the world, including “3-D Rocks” the first 3-D concert film, New Year’s Eve concerts in Times Square for ABC (with more than a million and a half people in attendance), and concerts for MTV and VH1. Known for creating new concepts and promotional programs that brand products and increase sales, Alex has worked closely with major international companies such as GM, Chrysler, Anheuser Busch, Pepsi, ATT, Dunkin’ Donuts, Inbev, Unilever, NASCAR, and The Hard Rock Café, as well as top advertising companies such as BBDO and Hill Holiday, to develop their music programs and make their brands hipper and more current to today’s generation of music lovers.

CHUCK HAIFLEY: Chuck is a producer, director, and cinematographer, and one of the most experienced live producers in the world. He has been producing live TV since 1978, producing boxing matches for Don King, such as Tyson vs. Holyfield 1 & 2 as well as the first ever HD fight, Holyfield vs. Lewis in 1999 at Madison Square Garden. He produced “Bon Jovi Live,” the first HD broadcast of a concert to theaters, and also produced Bon Jovi "This Left Feels Right,” the DEG Music DVD of the Year. Chuck produced the "Man in the Mirror" Music Video for Michael Jackson, and produced Chuck Berry and Tina Turner at the Roxie, Chicago and the Doobie Brothers in Chicago, The Beach Boys in 3D at the Hollywood Bowl, Korn & Skrillex in 3D at the Palladium and Jason Mraz in 3D from Spreckels in San Diego. He was the technical producer at the 1984 Olympics, Live Aid in 1985, Farm Aid 1986, Metallica in Mexico City, as well as other major shows.

JOHN LUONGO: World-renowned record label head, producer, mixer and remixer responsible for selling hundreds of millions of records and billions of streams worldwide. With over 40 years experience in every aspect of the music business including heading recording labels for CBS Records, Pavilion Records, and Wicked Cool Records. Among the artists John worked with are Aerosmith, Madonna, The Jackson Five, ZZ Top, Johnny Mathis, Dolly Parton, Sly Stone, John Waite, Santana, and Cheap Trick. Currently the head of Trector Entertainment, one of the most experienced entertainment licensing companies today.

BEN ZEITLIN: From a performing musician on stage at CBGBs to a professional business development career working with clients at Microsoft, Samsung, Cannon, Starbucks and countless more, Ben’s core passion is adding value to game-changing people and organizations who make meaningful differences in people’s lives – including cutting edge music industry projects that level up the landscape, bring people together, and generate significant profits for all stakeholders. He has a Masters in Business Administration with extensive cause marketing and public relations experience as well. Including media projects with Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, Naomi Judd and several more.

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